We've done this short clip for EPSON's high-end PC Endeavor.

At first we planned several stories for spreading EPSON's high-end PC.
At first we brought up some plans for this project. These were funny "Atmosphere Entry" (inspired by its name Endeavor), beautiful "Shadow Arts" and this humorous "Creative Amplifier".
The last one is most supportive story and match to Epson's passion, so we decided to make this plan.

The man is designer working at some design studio with Photoshop and After Effects. (I believe he doesn't worked overtime)
Actor is Eiji Leon Lee and the cat is Tom. We shot at a home studio.
Shoot on RED DRAGON with 5K RAW, and recorded simultaneously ProRes HD with SHOGUN.
Thereby we can edit with Premiere Pro immidiately and copy & paste edit data to After Effects in one click.
This was a huge timesaver :)
Final delivery is Full HD but we cloud get very crisp and beautiful images thanks to downscaling 5K to HD.
And also we took spherical HDR image with fisheye lens. With this HDRI we can get real lighting information and reflection map.
In addition to HDRI, color chart is very useful to matching images in compositing process.

Robot design and modeling by Giraffe Vision and Kasoku Sato.
Lao Xiaojun created base shapes and design, then Kasoku Sato made these details, materials and C4D Rig.
All images are rendered with VrayforC4D.
Vray's Distributed Rendering is worked well it was very helpful.
Kasoku Sato created very small details like tiny cables although it couldn't be seen.

We composited with OpenEXR in 32bit linear color space in After Effects.
We've paid attention for perfect matching between base plate and CGI.
Color, noise, motion blur and also shadows.
Motion blur is added with Reelsmart Motion Blur.
And finally color collected in AE.
We offered the music to Taichi Masuda. At first I thought the music fot this story would be comical and funny.
But contrary to my expectations, he send us this cool&crisp music. I loved it and accept it.

SFX and mixing have been done in Adobe Audition. It was very intuitive and handy:)
Also we took some additional sounds. For example the sound of eating cat food is recorded by Kasoku eating some snacks ;)
This was also fun time.
Man : Eiji Leon Lee
Cat : Tom (ZOO Pro)

Director : Tatsuro Ogata aka llcheesell (Composition Inc.)
Camera : Shu G  Momose
Light : Hiroshi Ota
Sound Engineer : Ryoma Ochiai
Assistant Director : Naoto Wakamatsu
Shooting Supervisor : Kazuya Hayashi
Production Manager : Koji Yokokawa
Assistant Production Manager : Midori Kobayashi
Assistant Production Manager : Rina Taniguchi
3D Model Design : Lao Xiaojun (Giraffe Vision) / Kosuke Sato
3D/Animation/Rendering : Kasoku Sato
Compositor : Kasoku Sato / Tatsuro Ogata
Illustrator : Molesko Studio
Screenplay Draft : Naojiro Yasui / llSoup.ll
Music : Taichi Masuda
SFX/Sound Mix : Tatsuro Ogata
Executive Producer : Kiyomichi Arai
Special Thanks to: Adobe Systems Incorporated
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