We've done this background sequences displayed on LED screen of the stage. The show is perfomed for the Japanese most famous year-end music live show "65th Kohaku-Utagassen" (2014).
NHK 第65回紅白歌合戦における「Preserved Roses」のバックグラウンド映像を制作しました。
CG Animation: Tatsuro Ogata, Yukiya Kaneko,
Tohru Mitsuhashi, Naojiro Yasui (Composition Inc.)
Earth Graphics: Kosuke Sato
Buildings & Mograph Setups: Hiromu Konno
Creative Director: Tatsuro Ogata
Director: Naojiro Yasui

Production : NHK Art & NHK
Perfomer & Singer : Nana Mizuki & T.M.Revolution
Song : Preserved Roses
The stage is little bit complex and transforming. Two separeted objects with curved LED screen are transformable to many types of combination. And in this song, the set looks like below:
This initial sequences are created by Yukiya Kaneko & Tohru Mitsuhashi.
All of 3D objects and effects are rendered with Element 3D v2.
This sick design is also done by Tohru Mitsuhashi
And also this launching sequences are created with Element 3D
The building scene is done with CINEMA 4D and effects composited with After Effects.
Building MoGraph Animation is created by Konno-san
The last scene is visualized in the image of some sort of galaxy war.
Actually this song is featured the anime "Valvrave the Liberator" which is a Sci-Fi drama in the galaxy war ;)
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