We've co-worked this large Projection Mapping show with NAKED Inc.
The show performed at New Reoma World in Kagawa, Japan.
Our team engaged in 2 scenes of 5, Spotlight Search and Ghost Party scene.
The target buildings are 65m wide in total and projected with three projectors. The adjustment of projected images are nicely done by Naked Inc.
One of our biggest challenge is projecting images on the moving train. This challenge is succeeded by syncing speed between real train and CG movement.
Creative Director:Ryotaro Muramatsu (NAKED Inc.)
Director:Yu Morita (NAKED Inc.)
Producer:Masakazu Fujita (TOPPAN PRINTING Co., LTD.)
Kiyofumi Takahashi (TOPPAN PRINTING Co., LTD.)
Masaya Watanabe (NAKED Inc.)
CG:Kouichi Takeuchi (NAKED Inc.)
Ryo Nakanishi (NAKED Inc.)
Kazunori Tsugami (NAKED Inc.)
Shoichi Tasaki (NAKED Inc.)
Tatsuro Ogata (Composition Inc.)
Tomohisa Kishida  (Composition Inc.)
Hikaru Sato (Composition Inc.)
Main tools are CINEMA 4D and After Effects in this project
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